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The mission of James R. Johnson and Associates is to provide the highest quality, critically demanding products from the companies we represent, to our customers in the computer marketplace. The products that James R. Johnson and Associates sells range from complete real time computer systems to system components.

Company Background

Since its’ beginning in 1987, James R. Johnson and Associates has established a commitment to providing exceptional products and customer service, while maintaining consistent growth. As a result, we have earned an excellent reputation and position as one of the leading manufacturers’ representative firm in the upper midwest.
Prior to establishing the company, Jim Johnson spent the majority of his professional career in the design, sales and implementation of electronic systems, and was employed by several major distributors in this area. The combined computer and system design experience that James R. Johnson and Associates and its’employees offers is a highly effective resource. Whether representing a manufacturer’s product line, or presenting product solutions for our customers, James R. Johnson and Associates is a sound business choice.

Product and Services

Our primary objective to the companies we represent is to operate as a successful extension of their respective sales and marketing departments.
To meet this objective, we employ a number of innovative sales and marketing tools, along with the prerequisite amount of sales skills, persistence and tenacity. These abilities allow us to uncover opportunities for the manufacturers, and to provide the most effective product/system solutions for our customers.
For the needs of a dynamic marketplace and the everchanging needs of our customers, we have strategically positioned ourselves as a reliable single source for our customer requirements. We have recently expanded our lines and have partnered with some of the leading manufacturers of Digital Media solutions in the industry.
Our lines consist of the most common accessories and board level products, to the industry’s most sophisticated systems. All of our products are accessible to the most frequently used software environments.
From the smallest commodity item, or the most advanced board or system, James R. Johnson and Associates has the resources and expertise to assist a customer with all of their design needs and applications at a fair price.


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